Hundreds of icebergs drifting towards New Zealand

According to the Australian Antarctic Division, at least a hundred Antarctic icebergs are currently drifting towards New Zealand at a speed that alarmed local authorities as well as specialists from all over the world.


A glaciologist from inside the organization said that they already passed the Auckland islands and are currently heading for the main South Island; these icebergs are in fact chunks from massive ice floe which split from the Antarctic area due to the ever rising temperatures brought by global warming.

“All of these have come from a larger one that was probably 30 square kilometers (11.6 square miles) in size when it left Antarctica,” Neal Young (glaciologist) told AFP. “It’s done a long circuit around Antarctica and now the bigger parts of it are breaking up and producing smaller ones.”

4 thoughts on “Hundreds of icebergs drifting towards New Zealand

  1. Allan Doak

    The earth is only getting warmer for those who are facing the age old dilemma of the collision between ideology and fact. As has always been the case, ideology triumphs as the facts are discarded in order to protect the ideology. Tell those people in the Northern Hemisphere who are suffering an incredibly cold winter that the world is warming and thay would likely laugh at you. Now the icebergs … so what? Each time the Earth has cooled the icebergs stopped breaking off and the polar caps got larger. That becomes a period that scientists refer to as an Ice Age. Then the Earth gets warmer again for reasons unrelated to man and the ice melts and retreats to the Polar Caps and calm for humans is restored until the next natural upheaval. Relax, all is well. The Earth exists in spite of man, not because of him. It was here long before us and will still be here long after we’re gone.

  2. Mihai Andrei Post author

    I’m not really sure what facts you are referring to. Of course the Earth will exist long before we’re gone, there’s absolutely nothing we can do to threaten it’s existence as a planet. What we can do is threaten ourselves and other species, and that’s what we are doing, not necessarily discussing global warming here – won’t go into more details here.
    As for the icebergs, after I wrote this I did read that some researchers said it’s not necessarily connected to global warming. Some say that it does. Some say you just need to sit on a fence and study more before you can make an opinion. You draw the conclusion you want to, because we probably don’t have enough facts here.

  3. Joannnphillips333

    I think the Earth is heating up from it’s core as well as the atmosphere.  I also think the Earth is getting ready for a magnetic polar flip.

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