6 deadliest volcano eruptions

Volcanic eruptions are impressive natural phenomena; it begins when pressure on a magma chamber forces magma up through the conduit and out the volcano’s vents. Seen on the TV or in the newspaper, they’re just fantastic and gorgeous. But if you’re unlucky enough to be there… it’s really deadly. But volcanic ash can also bring a new beginning, aiding nature to grow even bigger and stronger than before. But the lives lost are forever gone. Here’s a sum of the world’s 6 deadliest volcano eruptions, in terms of human live loss – for both direct and indirect causes.

6. Laki, Iceland; year: 1783; 9,350 deaths, caused mostly by starvation


5. Unzen, Japan; year: 1792; 14,300 deaths, caused mostly by the volcano collapsing.


4. Nevada del Ruiz, Colombia; year: 1985; 25,000 deaths, caused mostly by mudflows


3. Mount Pelee, Martinique; year: 1902; 29,025 deaths, caused mostly by ash flows


2. Krakatau, Indonesia; year: 1883; 36,417 deaths, caused mostly by a following tsunami


1. Tambora, Indonesia; year: 1815; contrary to popular belief, this is in fact the volcano eruption that killed the most people, and by far, but not directly; 92,000 deaths, mostly by starvation


Pictures from the actual volcanoes, but not the actual eruptions.

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