Dubai’s sustainable development of the future


Dubai’sĀ future requires careful planning and management not only to ensure that our grand projects are cost-effective, but also that we can act as responsible stewards of our natural environment and resources. True to the character of Dubai, ecologically sound properties and green initiatives are being woven into the fabric of this burgeoning international metropolis.

Sustainability Initiatives

The race to transform Dubai from a small desert port into a glittering metropolis has occurred at a breakneck speed and in the past has cared little environmental concerns and sustainable planning practices. That has been changing in recent years however with the adoption of a series of sustainable construction guidelines that all future developments will be required to adhere to. These guidelines were declared in 2007 by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum and aim to help reduce unnecessary use of electricity and water both during construction and after completion. Properties are being designed carefully to maximize natural lighting while mitigating solar gain to reduce the need for air conditioning. Solar energy plants are in planning stages and sustainability groups have succeeded in encouraging a recycling program even in the luxury areas.

Dubai Pearl


The glory of Dubai is in its monumental architectural feats, and this objective of sustainable real estate is being done big with the plans for the Dubai Pearl. The Pearl will be a 73 storey mixed-use building consisting of four towers connected at the base and by a sky bridge at their peaks. The project is envisioned as a city-within-a-city designed to encourage alternate modes of transportation and responsible utilization of resources. The developers are dedicated to doing their best to employ local materials and services whenever possible, and carefully consider every expenditure of resources. Restaurants and residents will be required to compost, and in return will be able to enjoy the vast landscaped green zone that will comprise 35% of the total area.



Dubai is not only seeking to create sustainable construction practices, but desires also to become a hub for environmentally sound business and development worldwide. To achieve that end they have developed their vision for the future of research and development: DuBiotech. This superbly engineered 60,000 sq 18288 sq. metre masterpiece will consist of two towers linked at the base intended to represent DNA. The site will also be home to a 152400 sq. metre nature preserve to preserve and protect the indigenous species of the region. The complex will be a free zone dedicated to life sciences and will be home to any company dedicated to creating a more sustainable tomorrow.

As Dubai steadily recovers from the global economic downturn, its mega developments that have been left on hold will resume once more and be held to even more stringent sustainability guidelines. This city that sprang up overnight will continue to work to preserve their stewardship of the natural environment and once Dubai has passed its initial growth spurt will continue to remain a luxurious destination where residents can be happy and healthy long for as long as the sun still rises and sets.

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