Video: the hidden environmental cost of hamburgers

Americans love hamburgers – probably too much. The average American eats 3 hamburgers a week – do the math, and that’s over 48 billion hamburgers per year – in the US alone! Furthermore, even though hamburgers are cheap, what you don’t pay at the counter is charged in other ways: on your body, your health, and even more globally significant: on the environment. Here’s a short video thoroughly explaining what you most likely don’t know about hamburger mass production, and how much we really pay for a hamburger.

One thought on “Video: the hidden environmental cost of hamburgers

  1. DrifterToo

    The video would be WAY less annoying to us ex-farm kids, if you used, “cattle,” when you mean, “cattle,” instead of, “cows.”

    “Cattle,” is the collective non-gender specific term; “cow,” is a female bovine that has had a calf.  “Cow,” is sometimes used as a (SINGULAR) generic term for either or unspecified sex (its shouldn’t be) but “cows,” always means . . . well, “cows.”

    While we’re at it . . . a bull is an intact male, a steer is a castrated male, and a heifer is a female than has not had a calf.

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