Alternative energy could be the key to the economic crisis

With the US economy tanking, natural disasters caused by climate change, several wars being fought in the world and with Italy announcing they will go back to nuclear power, it seems that nobody is looking deeper into the source of these problems and the solution that solving this problem brings.

Climate change causes natural disasters, and green energy sources would no longer cause this issue. The need for oil and other fuels could become less stringent if other sources are available, and the economy would sense the benefic effects of this emerging industry too; there will also be a lot of new jobs available. It could also be what separates the US candidates, being in the center of almost every debate, including those between Biden and Palin.

Actually, Obama claims that he will continue the to make clean energy and fuel his top priority even in this crisis, and it could be the solutions that help the environment that also help us. However, it seems that he understands how important other projects are too.

“To create new jobs, I’ll invest in rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure — our roads, schools, and bridges. We’ll rebuild our outdated electricity grid and build new broadband lines to connect America. And I’ll create the jobs of the future by transforming our energy economy. We’ll tap our natural-gas reserves, invest in clean coal technology, and find ways to safely harness nuclear power. I’ll help our auto companies re-tool so that the fuel-efficient cars of the future are built right here the United States of America. I’ll make it easier for the American people to afford these new cars. And I’ll invest $150 billion over the next decade in affordable, renewable sources of energy — wind power and solar power and the next generation of biofuels — an investment that will lead to new industries and 5 million new jobs that pay well and can’t ever be outsourced.”

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  2. Pablo León Fernández


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    In the history of the hydraulics never it was possible to be able to multiply the energy. In order to make it possible, and for want of knowing another form, it is only possible to be managed having formed individual volumes in watertight cavities and turning in rotation, when applying to him a force from the outside, the power of its transformation pushes a section of turn of degrees (similarity to the race of push of the rectilinear cylinder). The volume at the same time as one moves pushing a free plane, it follows connected the outer force and is growing his power – without varying, which obvious confirms another concept in Matters Energetics that transfer the present knowledge of the physics and the mathematics, because simply and level, the outer energy that enters during the development of forces of the cycle, with the push is multiplied. Nothing similar is known until now. Universal Formula that supposes such invention, once concluded the works of investigation, development and tests, has been patented and later admitted to step.

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    Machine at issue, is compound of a Rotor lodged in its Shirt (body housing) and supported in the bearings of its covers. The Rotor incorporates several watertight zones (from 2 to 4 according to model), by the composition of the material and special design of the meetings that constitute the walls, these are hermetic in their rotation by the interior of the Shirt and they are supplied oil by bulk injection pumps (from 1 to 4). The physical and mechanical properties of all the process of accomplishment that forms Machine, allow to develop to pressure powers until more than 300 k/pcm2 and all this to the obtained salary to devise the necessary mechanisms that they make possible the development of the cycles that are exposed of brief form in the four following points:

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    2 – The volume when connecting itself with the pump initiates the development of the race of the cycle and disconnects when finalizing while it remains without varying in his displacement of push.

    3- The zones are separated by short spaces in which the entrance system has practiced and exit of the fluid that allows to the change of cycles, releasing the pressure to the outside to repeat the entrance and to develop following and the successive ones again. Thanks to this system of periodic cyclical change a1.000 can reach speed superior rv/m.
    4 – The singular one I devise of conduits in each zone, they act like perfect pipes and the volume can move without varying for being the conduits those that progressively extend with the rotation of the volume and only precise few cm3 to transform it, and therefore, obvious reason for which FREE AND CLEAN ENERGY.

    (So that to the little expert reader in hydraulics it helps to understand all this him, I believe that the following example will be sufficient to him; if a closed body of 25 cm of diameter and 20.8 of height contains about 10 liters of water, to transform the force of its 10 volume to k/pcm2, only needs that a 4 is applied to him force of 0.04% = to cm3 and the peaking power that it must resist the wall of its about 16,000 body will be of kgf or would explode, and is enough a hypodermic syringe by hand to trasformar it. This fact is practically known by all, but it seemed something impossible that the little force enters that needs and the power that it generates, could be found a point intermediate to find the way to rationalize these two values of so out of proportion forces one of the other, from arose the idea there to be able to obtain that if the volume could be still moved a section with all their power needing some cm3 more and although it would generate minor power for the set out example, would be sufficiently important as it demonstrates therefore it I devise of Machine that enters energy to him and the extraction multiplied by more than twenty).

    When not being able to realise a Computer model of the system, the validation of its operation has been realised by a Professor of Fluids. The rest of precise documentation absolutely is finished with annotated planes and others, all ready one to realise the first apparatus prototype and knowledge with exactitude the energy that produces. Contact:

  3. Pablo León Fernández

    THE GREATER MODEL OF MAQUINA-EHX22, PRODUCES 34 MW – CLEAN AND GRATUITOUS Answering the numerous received post office, being interested in the electrical production of the greater model of the ample range that allows to be realised of Machine with the machines present tools standard, I summarize its main characteristics: Rotor diameter 950 mm and length 1,490 mm is of 4 zones and each develops to 4 cycles of transformation of forces by return pushing its free plane of 1,250 mm x 140 mm in sections of rotor thrust of 75º and 15ª for change of cycle, turns to 800 rv/m and weighs 18.8 t. Each zone stores a volume of oil (with pipes) permanent of 14,870 cm3 and is transformed until a 310 pressure of k/pcm2 from the outside by its group of pumps that injects a 2.4% to him. of the volume (-) a 30% of this pressure is retained by limitor valves to the being expelled in the change of 250 cycle = to cm3. The 4 planes of the zones of push totalize 7,000 cm2, these are pushed the same time when receiving the fluid of the pumps jointly with which the cycle is had accumulated in the glasses of expansion in the deadlock when changing, the deductions to the pressure to the average of push of the adiabat is on a 40%, being an approximated effective force in 75º from push on 185 k/pcm2 at speed among 38/40 m/s. Electrical production: The rotor of the alternator turns to 39 m/s what supposes a production (deducing a 3% by heat of the magnetic field) on 36.95 MW, except the consumption of the electrical motors of the 4 groups of pumps. Net about 34 MW. I will answer any explanation if you identify yourself; email Answering your questions and commentaries that you do to me if as Organisms have not been interested Governmental, I say to you very generically they know that it perfectly and some documentation I have of them responding, with much caution and as if one was a project more. The conversations with Engineers are more explicit and admit that it works, slope to determine the exactitude of their production until realising a prototype and that by the information that to me a very excellent person transmitted this cannot be touched. I do not have capital, to have it already would be working in spite of powerful the lobby. Doubt does not fit to me that this great unique creation in matters energetics, if I cannot do it, will already do it when the problem is still greater in the present cost. At the moment only I can continue disclosing it by Internet that so far not yet the factual powers dominate to it. Newspapers of press written with good criterion have published I less devise of MAQUINA-EHX22 and nothing than after interviews of high people in charge of renewable energies like for example of the reunited European Commissioner in Barcelona with politicians, in one week it removed it to the newspaper from the Network and so that? , in a prestigious newspaper of France the Tribune is put after the Chief of a main directorate of renewable energies of France, has been two months and in today still it can be seen. We hope that this model greater than produces electricity for 10,800 families and that with alternator costs on 180,000 € against photovoltaic which the same production costs, according to data published recently of Abengoa for the plant of the 255.000.000 USA €, can move you bring back to consciousness for all the humanity.

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    It’s a great misfortune in Japan. Earthquake, tsunami now troubles in nuclear plant and three patients at a hospital tested positive for radiation exposure… I can’t understand why we can’t predict and to resist such a tragedies? We are able to send man to the moon, we are able even to explore Mars, and we can’t protect ourselves on Earth? Japanese, I’m with you.

  6. Pablo Leon Fernandez

    -Políticos y Personas Influyentes- para que apoyen esta importante creación para el disfrute y bienestar de todas las personas y puedan beneficiarse de esta energía eléctrica. Ya que tanto hablan de las energía renovables, ésta aporta por 1ª vez en la Historia la solución definitiva, es: limpia, ilimitada, 0% contaminación y la más barata porque no precisa materia alguna para producirla.

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