Just Stunning and Tranquil - Bafa Lake

3 Natural Turkish Lakes

Turkey is a beautiful country, whether visiting for a beach holiday under the sun, or a partying holiday in the cities, but for some, Turkey’s natural lakes make the perfect relaxing holiday. Camping, Trekking or visiting the local villages and experiencing their culture and cuisines are just a few of the attractions found at some of the most beautiful and ecologically sound lakes in the world.

Bafa Lake

Just Stunning and Tranquil - Bafa Lake

Just Stunning and Tranquil – Bafa Lake

Bafa Lake is situated southeast of the Buyuk Menderes Delta, 25 km from Soke from where you can access it. Once part of the Aegean Sea, the lake became a lake as result of geomorphologic development of Buyuk Menderes Delta. Its main sources are from Buyuk Menderes, plus the underground rivers flowing from the mountains. Plant life is rife, consisting of tamarisks, pine trees, and olive groves. Lake Bafa protects the ecosystem, and therefore provides a winter habitat for lots of species of birds, which would otherwise be in danger of extinction – approximately 300,000 birds take residence here. Pelicans, cormorants and sea eagles are just a few species. There are also over 700 kinds of plankton in the lake and a huge variety of plants, which feed many species of fish.

Bolu – Abant Lake

Bolu - Abant Lake

Bolu – Abant Lake – Amazing Clear and Peaceful Place

Abant Lake is 33km away from Bolu, in the west of the Black Sea area, halfway between Ankara and Istanbul. Abant lake can be reached by the E-5, the Ankara motorway, finally turning off at Omerler Madensuy. Bolu is connected by bus to other parts of the country. The lake is home to a wide variety of plants – 1150 hectares were designated by the status of Natural Park in 1988. Main species include Scotch pine, beech, larch, oak, poplar, ash, horn- beam, willow, juniper, forest rose, tamarisk, hazelnut, holly, dog-rose, bracken, blackberry, strawberry, mint, raspberry, ivy, nettle, mare’s tail, and a variety of pasture grasses and trees. Animal species include pig, deer, roe deer, bear, fox, jackal, and rabbit. You’ll also find birds of prey and singing birds – a real natural haven.

Lake Van

Lake - Van - Just Beautiful

Lake – Van – Just Beautiful

Lake Van is the biggest lake in Turkey and the largest soda water lake in the world. Lake Van lies on the high grounds of the Eastern Anatolian district near the border with Iran. Formed by a crater created by a volcanic explosion of Mt. Nemrud, its elevation from the sea level is over 1600 metres. The water is not very suitable for drinking or irrigation because of its high salinity content – sodium chloride and sodizm carbonate. There is a scenic lookout close to the unpaved road on the eastern slope of Mt. Nemrut, accessible by car/MTB/hike – perfect to make a day of endurance exercise.

Turkey has some truly stunning lakes and mountains you can get great Turkey breaks from Direct Line Holidays and get amongst this amazing environment. Such relaxing places and wonderful scenery if would be foolish to no explore this country.


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