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The best reusable water bottles (as a gift or for yourself)

It’s the 21st century and single use plastic bottles will just not do. We are producing over 300 million tons of plastic every year, half of which is single-use plastic, not to mention that constantly buying new bottles can make a significant dent in your budget. Plastic bottles aren’t just bad for the environment and your pocket, but they’re also bad for your health (unless you like ingesting small pieces of microplastic).

This all boils down to one thing: reusable bottles can be very useful. Thankfully, there’s no shortage of them on the market — if anything, there’s almost too many to choose from. You can find reusable bottles from multiple materials and with various functionalities: from the ultra-fancy self-cleaning ones to the basic, sleek, and cheaper bottles.

So I thought I’d make your job easier and scoured the internet, analyzing different bottles and seeing which ones work best. Here are some of my favorites.

1. The smartest water bottle: Smartech LARQ ($90)

This is almost without a doubt one of the best reusable bottles you can find on the market — and it has the price to show it.

We all know how annoying it is to take care of your bottle, and probably most of us forget to wash it every once in a while so it gets a bit dirty and, in time, the water starts tasting a bit fishy. Well, you don’t have to worry about that at all with the new LARQ bottle. This ingenious bottle has a self-cleaning system that intelligently turns on every 2 hours to keep your water and bottle fresh. Besides cleaning your bottle it also purifies your water, using UV-C LED light in order to eliminate 99.99% of bio-contaminants. You can even use it for outdoorsy adventures if you want to drink from a spring. I mean, how cool is that?

The bottle comes in two sizes and several colors and there are a few models out there. It’s also pretty sturdy and looks sleek, you shouldn’t have any problems fitting it into your bag or backpack. If you’re willing to pay a premium to have an innovative long-lasting and self-cleaning bottle, the LARQ is the way to go.

2. The best collapsible water bottle: Stojo water bottle ($25)

When convenience is the name of the game and space and weight are your main concerns, this might be the water bottle to go for.

It has a very modern and elegant style, but the best thing about it is that is really lightweight and collapsible, so after finishing your drink, it won’t take up much space from your luggage, it’s small enough to fit in your pocket.

When full, the bottle is very well balanced and it feels sturdy so you won’t have to worry if you keep it on your desk. With the lid attached to the bottle you also won’t have to worry about losing the cap ever again and the silicone material is not only BPA free but it also doesn’t taint the water’s flavour. Come to think of it, even without being collapsible it’s just a good all around bottle.

3. The best stylish thermos bottle: Teabloom bottle ($25)

If you are the kind of person that wants something stylish, a bit more eco-friendly, with maybe more functionality so you don’t have to buy more than one bottle, it seems like Teabloom is right for you. This water bottle is BPA-free, and made of stainless steel and 100% organic bamboo which makes it incredibly stylish. It keeps your water cold for 24 hours and hot for 12.

The functional accessories allow you to infuse the water with fruits, brew tea, and even cold-brew coffee. You can take this bottle with you to your yoga practice, at the office, or even for outdoor activities. It’s the perfect mix of practical and stylish — it doesn’t get much better than this.

4. The best everyday use filter bottle: Brita Fill & Go ($21)

I’ve been using my Brita Fill & Go bottle for a couple of years now and I simply cannot imagine my day to day life without it. It’s made of BPA-free hard but light-weight plastic is super durable which makes it suitable for traveling or taking it to the office/gym. I’ve dropped mine several times and it’s still intact but the cap suffered some damage throughout time and unfortunately, you can’t find replacements for that, which is probably the only downside I could find. The filtering is done while you drink the water through the nozzle, and you have to replace your filter every 4weeks or so, but even so, it’s still so much cheaper than buying bottled water.

This is almost certainly the best value for money you can get. It’s a no-fuss reusable bottle that just gets the job done. Use the Brita Fill & Go water only with fresh potable tap water, it is not safe to use in areas where the water is not safe to drink as the bottle’s carbon filter won’t filter out bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms.

5. The best outdoors filter bottle: Grayl Geopress Purifier ($69)

If you like hiking and traveling, this is probably the bottle for you. The bottle holds 720ml (24 oz) of water, and is not only incredibly durable but it also filters out 99.99% of bacteria, viruses, and even heavy metals. It has a very good grip, so it won’t slip while venturing outdoors and with the SimpleVent cap your water stays protected from cross-contamination.

It feels very nice in the hand and the pressure surface makes it easy to drink from on the run or while cycling. It’s sturdy and excellently suited for any form of outdoor activity. If you have an active lifestyle, this is probably the bottle for you.

6. Best glass water bottle: Ello Syndicate with one-touch flip lid ($17)

Probably one of the most versatile water bottles out there due to its looks, this glass water bottle comes with a silicone sleeve that protects the bottle from any chips and cracks, a very important aspect to keep in mind when it comes to glass bottles. The touch flip lid is super convenient and lets you drink directly from the glass without touching any plastic or silicone. Even though it is a bit heavier than a normal plastic bottle, some customers declared that the water tastes better with no plastic/metal aftertaste whatsoever. Don’t let the glass bottle fool you: the silicone casing makes it far sturdier than you’d expect.

This is also one of the better value bottles out there, as you’ll get it cheaper than most on this list, while making no compromise on quality.

7. Best stainless steel water bottle/flask: Vacuum Insulated Hydro Flask ($44)

This easy-to-carry flask will help keep your water cold and thanks to its wide mouth you can also add some extra ice cubes for those super hot summery picnics or outdoor activities. It keeps water icy cold for 24 hours, and it can also hold hot drinks for up to 12 hours, in case you need a cup of tea or coffee on the go (especially considering this period’s weather).

What I find very convenient about this bottle is that it has interchangeable caps, and you can choose between a wide mouthed cap or a straw cap, which makes it even more versatile for a variety of activities.

8. Best infuser bottle: Pressa Bottle ($38)

If you find plain water simply boring (I feel you), the Pressa Bottle upgrades your tap water to a super fruity and healthy version with its built-in juice press. How amazing is that?

This dishwasher-friendly bottle comes with a silicone sleeve, which will protect the bottle from any breakage and it’s also BPA-free as it is made of glass. The bottle is a bit heavier compared to other reusable bottles, but this makes it also sturdier and more durable. The only problem that you’ll have with this bottle is thinking of the perfect combination of fruits and aromatic plants to enjoy the most with your water.

9. Best water bottle for kids (plastic): Eddy Kids by CamelBak

When looking for kid’s water bottles, you need something that is both resistant and lightweight and also looks fun. The Eddy Kids water bottle by CamelBak has both of these plus a very cute design that’s bound to make the little one love the bottle.

It comes with their signature Big Bite Valve, which helps to eliminate spills when drinking by allowing the kids to bite down the straw to get the water out. The integrated loop is a very nice feature that makes the bottle easy to carry for children’s small hands. It comes in a variety of designs for any taste and I am glad to say that most of the designs and colors are gender-neutral.

10. Best water bottle for kids (non-plastic):Hydro Flask Kids ($37)

If you worry a lot about the micro-plastic particles that are ingested by your children every day (and you should, given that studies have shown we all eat and drink a lot of microplastic) you might want to know what options you have in terms of non-plastic alternatives for your child.

To my eye, the Hydro Flask is not only excellent for adults, but their small children variety is also great quality. As is the case with the normal-sized version, the kid’s flask is made of stainless steel and it has interchangeable caps including one with a straw. The color variety is also nice to suit everyone’s needs.

11. Best (cheap) sports water bottle: Gatorade water bottle ($11)

I believe a good water bottle is a good investment. I really do. But let’s face it — some of these are expensive and sometimes, you just want something cheap that works.

When it comes to sports water bottles, well the variety is huge, and the prices vary greatly as well. This bottle’s design doesn’t say much but it has a very interesting characteristic: you can only drink water from this bottle when you squeeze it and it won’t leak in your bag otherwise. Pretty basic, but really useful if you don’t want to get all your gym gear soaked. It appears that this bottle is not only really good for holding water, you can also add some electrolytes to the water with no problem, and even add some protein powder. The Gatorade water bottle is both versatile and cost-friendly.

12. Best water bottle for your handbag: Memobottle ($36)

Let’s face it, a normal water bottle can be annoying if you want to carry it with you in a normal handbag, or a small backpack. This is where the Memobottle, the flat water bottle, truly shines. It’s made of BPA-free plastic, and it comes in a variety of notebook sizes (A4, A5, etc) to suit your needs. You can simply put it in your bag along with your notebooks and even laptop, without making your bag bulkier or taking up too much space. How ingenious is that?

It looks fancy and stylish and it’s one of those small design things that can really make an important difference, especially if you’re looking for something a little more different.


Disclaimer: Purchasing these products may earn ZME Science a commission. This helps support our team at no additional cost to you. We will never advertise products if we don’t think they’re good. If something is here, it’s because we like it — period.

Prices may change based on factors outside of our control.


United Nations hosts key climate emergency summit in New York

More than 60 world leaders will convene today for a UN summit on “climate emergency” aimed at reinvigorating the Paris agreement on climate change, at a time when mankind is releasing more greenhouse gases into the atmosphere than at any time in history.

UN headquarters in New York. Credit: Wikipedia Commons

Countries are expected to announce new actions to limit the causes of warming or to speak on initiatives developed by a coalition of nations. UN secretary-general António Guterres had asked countries to commit to net-zero emissions by 2050, reduce subsidies for fossil fuels, and stop building new coal-fired power stations.

“People want solutions, commitments, and action. I expect there will be an announcement and unveiling of a number of meaningful plans on dramatically reducing emissions during the next decade, and on reaching carbon neutrality by 2050,” said Guterres.

Who is attending?

Among the list of those absent will be US President Donald Trump, who pulled his country out of the Paris Agreement upon taking power. Brasilian president Jair Bolsonaro, under whose leadership the Amazon rainforest is continuing to burn at record rates, will also be absent.

On the other hand, China, the world’s biggest carbon emitter by far, but also a leader in the renewables sector, will be present and represented by foreign minister Wang Yi, with Guterres hinting last week that the East Asian giant will be committing to new measures.

“There’s a tension between the countries that want to go ahead to translate their goals into real policies and those that do not,” said Laurence Tubiana, CEO of the European Climate Foundation and one of the architects of the Paris agreement. “We can hope for the best.”

India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi will speak in the morning session, along with the leaders of New Zealand, the Marshall Islands, and Germany’s Angela Merkel. Like China, India is coal-addicted but has also set itself highly ambitious renewable energy targets, particularly in the solar energy sector.

What are the expectations?

Seventy-five countries are expected to bring enhanced commitments. But officials have also been careful to manage expectations and said today’s summit is also a run-up event to the 2020 UN climate summit that the UK will host in Glasgow. Still, there is some sense of increased urgency.

The goal of “carbon neutrality” — where most emissions are eliminated and those that remain are offset (by measures such as the planting of new trees and, potentially, carbon capture technology in the future) was considered so radical in 2015 that it was left out of the text of the Paris agreement.

Now, though, it has become a rallying cry for countries like the United Kingdom and France as well as major corporations, who are leading the charge in countries like the US where the political leadership has sought to distance themselves or even undermine the cause.

Brain-lentine: Valentine’s gifts for your brainy loved one

Are you looking for a gift to get the neuroscientist in your life? Try one of these gifts to show your partner you are just as brainy as they are.

Brain Specimen Coasters

These brain specimen coasters will make your significant other the envy of all of his or her coworkers! And when they’re stacked up, they look like a 3D brain — I personally know a lot of people who have gotten these as gifts, and they’ve all loved it.

Appeal to Their Creative Side with a Neuroscience Coloring Book

Adult coloring books are all the rage, but what if you could color something you love and learn something, too? These two coloring books let you color the brain and learn a bit about its structure in the process.

There’s also more than one option here — here’s another really cool alternative!

Or Buy Her Some Brain Art


Coloring is definitely not for everyone, and why go through the extra effort when you can just buy an amazing piece of brainy art? These beautiful brain-themed art pieces will appeal to her right brain (just kidding, that’s not actually a thing).

Here’s another option (buy on Amazon):

Or maybe you’d rather get her some beautiful neuron-themed art pieces?

Brainy clothes

A Neuroscience-Themed Wardrobe? Yes, please! It’s cold in February, so what about this beautiful scarf:

Or, get them something they can show off to all of their coworkers. Check out this whimsical shirt:

Jewelry is Always Nice

And, of course if you want to go for the safe bet, get them some jewelry – but make it brain-themed!

Try neurons:

Or this bracelet:

Or if all else fails, a brain necklace is always a safe bet. Right?

These gifts will definitely make that brainy guy or girl in your life release some oxytocin and help your pair-bonding! Have you made up your mind yet?

Disclaimer: Purchasing these products may earn ZME Science a commission. This helps support our team at no additional cost to you. We will never advertise products if we don’t think they’re good. If something is here, it’s because we like it — period.

15 Unique Star Wars Gifts for Adults That are Actually Cool

With Solo: A Star Wars Story currently playing in movie theaters around the world, we decided a list of cool, quirky, but useful Star Wars themed products would be much appreciated by you, kind reader. So, let’s dive right in.

Chewbacca car seatbelt shoulder cover pad

Buy on Amazon

Ride like a Wookie with this fluffy, yet fashionable seatbelt pad. Not only does it look amazing and will have fellow Star Wars buffs turning their heads, the soft fur also makes it comfortable. Not natural fur!

Chewie furry hoodie sweatshirt

Buy on Amazon

While we’re at it, check out this fluffy hoodie that’s sure to keep you warm during those chilly days. Everyone loves Chewie — might as well be one! No Wookies were hurt while making this shirt — nor other critters.

NASA Death Star T-shirt

Buy on Amazon

Real science + fictional science fiction = love. I mean, just look at this amazing combo!

3D Illusion night lamp

 Buy on Amazon

Emperor, your masterpiece is complete! 

Yes, I know your darkest secret: you’d like to know how it feels to be Palpatine for a day. I can’t show you the dark side overnight but this amazing lamp will light up a smile or two.

This lightsaber blender… 

Buy on Amazon

Mix your soups and smoothies with this amazing light saber-inspired immersion blender. It’s the perfect gift for the culinary-minded Star Wars fan.

Darth Vader cufflinks

Buy on Amazon

Pair these cool-looking cufflinks with a black tie and you’ll sense a disturbance in the force in the no time. Be careful with that choke grip…

Darth Vader Toaster

Buy on Amazon

It toasts bread, waffles, pastry, and rebel scum! Yum!

Darth Vader silicone rubber oven mitt

Buy on Amazon

Ok, this is the last one in the Darth Vader series, I promise. Just be careful not to lose a hand next time you’re baking.

Star Wars Monopoly

Buy on Amazon

Because you can’t go wrong with a classic.

Millenium Falcon cutting board

Buy on Amazon

This is one of a kind, rustic cutting board with an engraved as the Millennium Falcon! It is a gem of a gift for someone who loves cooking — and Star Wars.

Star Wars R2-D2 car charger

Buy on Amazon

Is your battery low? Don’t worry, R2-D2 is here to power you up everywhere you go!

A pair of Kylo Ren boots

Buy on Amazon

If you’re looking to cosplay as Kylo Ren or simply walk in style like a badass, these leather boots will get the job done.

Chop sabers

Buy on Amazon

Break the ice next dinner party with this pair of lightsaber chopsticks.

X-wing patent shirt

Buy on Amazon

The perfect gift for any nerd. Not only does it looks awesome, it also fits well and is a great conversation starter.

Jedi belt Obi-Wan Kenobi style

Buy on Amazon

This faux-leather belt includes the bare minimum required by any Jedi who’s worth his salt, padawan or master. Practical, yet also quite fashionable.


Disclaimer: Purchasing any of these products may earn ZME Science a commission. This helps support our team at no additional cost to you. We will never advertise products if we don’t think they’re good. If something is here, it’s because we like it — period.

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Six essential science books that read like hot cakes

I know, I know that’s not a real saying — but for too many people, science books just sound rough and unfriendly. Here, we’ve selected science books that read like fiction, so you can thoroughly enjoy yourself while reading. We’ve also handpicked the books we see as essential, the very best of the best. This is only a starter pack — stay tuned for more.

Silent Spring by Rachel Carson

Buy on Amazon

What started as a series of articles in the New Yorker from 1958-1962 essentially kickstarted the environmentalist movement. Rachel Carson documented the effects of pesticide on the environment, looking in particular on the dramatic effects that pesticides have on songbird. She prophesized that one day, if we continue in the same fashion, we’d have extinguished all of nature’s songbirds, and the world will go silent.

Carson also accused the chemical industry of spreading disinformation and public officials of accepting industry claims unquestioningly. The book was met with fierce opposition and lobby by the chemical industry, but it ultimately spurred a reversal in national pesticide policy, leading to a nationwide ban on DDT for agricultural use. Her bleak warning is now more important than ever. Although more than 50 years have passed since Silent Spring was written, we are still facing similar concerns. This is the book that started it all.

Universal, A guide to the Cosmos by Brian Cox and Jeff Forshaw

Buy on Amazon

Although this is a newcomer, being published in 2017, it’s set to become a classic. Why? It’s simple, really — it does what it says on the cover. It’s a guide to the cosmos, in a way that’s fun and engaging, with bonus points for the simplest and neatest explanation of general relativity I’ve ever read.

Brian Cox is already one of the most respected science communicators and Jeff Forshaw is a particle physicist at the University of Manchester, also working on the LHC. Together, the duo created a format that doesn’t require any previous knowledge, managing to put together a book that’s suitable for all readers. All you need is curiosity. You can read our full book review here.

The Voyage of the Beagle by Charles Darwin

Buy on Amazon

I know what you’re thinking — you’re surprised this isn’t The Origin of Speciesand you’re absolutely right. The Origin of Species is Darwin’s masterpiece and possibly the most influential and important science book in history — but it’s not an easy read. It’s a good read, don’t get me wrong, but I’ve always felt that if you want to read The Origin of Species, you just do it without any need for a recommendation. But for laypeople, it might not be that accessible, and for those who are really into biology, you might find a lot of outdated information. Meanwhile, The Voyage of the Beagle reads more like an adventure book and features Darwin’s own thoughts and remarks. You get to see his mind gnawing at the idea of evolution, observing the patterns between different species in different ecosystems.

Darwin’s insatiable thirst for knowledge and exploration shines in this landmark book — and if you like it, it’s also the perfect gateway drug to Darwin’s other works.

What is Life? by Erwin Schrödinger

Buy on Amazon

Have you ever wondered how a Nobel-winning physicist sees the world? A classic among both biologists and physicists, What is Life does just that — it explores how living organisms differ from inanimate objects like crystals.

The book is based on a set of Schrödinger’s public lectures delivered in 1943. The lectures attracted an audience of about 400 people, who were warned that “the subject-matter was a difficult one and that the lectures could not be termed popular, even though the physicist’s most dreaded weapon, mathematical deduction, would hardly be utilized.” Both James D. Watson, and Francis Crick, who jointly proposed the double helix structure of DNA based on X-ray diffraction experiments by Rosalind Franklin, credited Schrödinger’s book with presenting an early theoretical description of how the storage of genetic information would work.

The Making of the Atomic Bomb by Richard Rhodes

Buy on Amazon

The definitive history of nuclear weapons and the Manhattan Project, The Making of the Atomic Bomb documents one of the most defining moments in human history: the creation of the atomic bomb. Richard Rhodes, an American journalist and historian, writes about science, the people, and the socio-political realities that led to the development of the atomic bomb.

What really gets the story going is that many of the characters speak for themselves — in long paragraphs of direct quotation. The book is also riveted with detailed, lesser-known facts about the affairs, and delicious irony. The scope and implications of the story in the book are just as enticing as the story itself.

Great Dialogues by Plato

Buy on Amazon

We’re ending with a blast from the past, and a book that isn’t, strictly speaking, science. But Plato’s Dialogues are the most influential body of philosophy of the Western world — and will continue to remain so for the foreseeable future. It’s not just that Plato deals with incredibly complex topics ranging from what is beauty, to what is the best political system, but it’s the way he does it. You can see his brilliant mind at work, and the same can be said for Socrates — who is the main character in many of Plato’s dialogues.

Written in the form of debates, the Dialogues are based discussion of moral and philosophical problems between two or more characters, a discussion that often involves Socrates, who was Plato’s mentor. In Greek, philosophy translates as “love of wisdom” — and this is brilliantly evident from the book. Caution: this may serve as a gateway drug, and may lead to obsessive reading of philosophy and debate.

Disclaimer: Purchasing these products may earn ZME Science a commission. This helps support our team at no additional cost to you. We will never advertise products if we don’t think they’re good. If something is here, it’s because we like it — period.

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ZME Deals: Six Random, Awesome Things I Found This Week

Every week, we scour the web to bring you the most unique, special, and discounted products we can find. It’s a hotchpotch mixture of awesome products, good deals, and of course — a touch of science sprinkled on top.

Atomic Age Table Lamp

From the Antiquity to the atom age, one thing has remained constant: people want to have night lights. Whether it’s a torch, an oil lamp, an LED modern gizmo or whatever, lamps have been alongside humans for a very long time, and they’re not going anywhere. This novel design blends a steampunk design with an atom structure, and I just can’t have enough of it.

Buy on Amazon

Never tie your shoes again with lock laces

If I’m leaving in a hurry, the thing I hate the most is tying my shoelaces. The black magic through which shoelaces untie themselves is equally annoying — and this is where these laces come in. Simply put them on the shoelace, tuck them in once and that’s all there is to it. You show those strings who’s boss! (tamer colors such as black or brown also available)

Buy on Amazon

Tell people off with a mug

If you’re tired of people butting in with their “knowledge” — or if you know someone who is — this mug is perfect. Nothing shuts people up like a victory sip which slowly showcases your medical superiority. Bonus points for cockiness.

Buy on Amazon

This is Spartaaaa (the knife holder)

If your steel is so awesome that no ordinary tool can hold it — or if you simply want a cool knife holder — this wooden guy is perfect for the job. He might start screaming “This is Sparta!” at random moments, but other than that, he gets the job done. Just kidding, he doesn’t scream. Never.

Buy on Amazon

Chemistry cook board

A little something that goes well with the knife holder above, this chemistry wooden cook board comes with a pun to go. Not guaranteed to make your cooking better, but guaranteed to make it just a bit more fun.

Buy on Amazon

The soul of an octopus (Disclaimer: not an actual soul of an octopus)

No list would be complete without a book, and this is one that really stands out. Sy Montgomery is a renowned naturalist. Here, she details a moving encounter with an octopus, and how it prompts a meditation on consciousness, the soul, and an animal that gets a lot of unneeded negative publicity. Definitely a book worth reading, guaranteed to change your perspective on the ever-surprising octopus.

Buy on Amazon


9 Valentine Gift Ideas to Bring Out the Geek in You

Valentine’s is all about recognizing the uniqueness of your significant other — after all, there’s only one of them, and that’s what drew you two together in the first place! We’ve scoured the Internet for ideas on how best to mix the celebration with our love of knowledge in all its aspects and, so far, we’ve arranged these ideas in different academic themes.

Some of the objects we’ve run into, however, didn’t make the lists as they don’t fall squarely into a single field. Just like our better halves, they are unique, we like them very much, and the celebration just wouldn’t be the same without them. So here are the coolest, geekiest Valentine gift ideas that were just too themselves to fit in our well-ordered lists.


That old-timey recruitment poster is still strong in these posters, and they’re bound to light a little spark of adventure whenever your boo sees them — an adventure they’ll love to take you along for. Extra V-points if you pair the “Empire needs you” poster with a Darth Vader mask. One that you’re wearing, of course.


  Explorers wanted                                                Empire poster                                               Surveyors Wanted


Show them how you feel with Banksy’s “Love is the answer” poster, feat. Einstein. Available in different sizes.

Einlove.Buy on Amazon

Deep sea diver

Just look how adorable this guy is. The perfect gift to ensure your tea-loving SO is thinking about you with every cup of brew — and to bring a chuckle to their cheeks. Other models are available, this is just my favorite one.

Buy on Amazon

Put the Moon in the palm of their hand

Love makes you do silly things — things like promising your paramour you’ll bring the moon down in the palm of their hand. Obviously, since it’s so far out there (pun intended) that nobody actually expects it to happen. It’s just a nice, sweet nothing to be shared among lovers.

But just how awesome of a Valentine will you be when you actually do it? Cosmically awesome! Take the Moon lamp put the moon in your date’s hand.


Buy on Amazon.

And the stars at their fingertips

The second part of the “moon and stars”, this chart will both look awesome and educate. Can’t beat that combo. It’s quite big, so it would probably work best if you can set it up beforehand. So if you’re living with your Valentine (lucky you) or if you can otherwise prepare the chart before the big night, present them with the moon first and sweep them off their feet with the stars when they least expect it — once everyone’s back home.

Oh, also, it’s handmade.

Buy on Amazon.


Encyclopedia Prehistorica

It’s not all about looking up at the sky. Sometimes, our better halves are happier when digging through the mud in search of behemoths long gone. Those are pretty rare halves, but everybody loves dinosaurs. So save your washing machine the trouble and keep their interest occupied with the wonderfully whimsical Encyclopedia Prehistorica, a pop-up book of our long-extinct favorites.

Buy on Amazon

Beanying bad

TV-show enthusiasts will appreciate this quote that they can wear, and you’ll be happy knowing their ears are always properly warmed wherever their chemistry professor leads them!

Buy on Amazon


Make sure they never feel blue

With the BioGlo. Filled with thousands of non-toxic, bioluminescent dino(flagellates), this aquarium will emit natural blue light when swirled. Nurture them together and your Valentine won’t ever have to brave the dark of nights alone! Keep in mind that the dinos themselves will be shipped separately (as they are living organisms) at no additional cost, after you receive the aquarium.


Buy on Amazon


Coffee with a twist

Sadly, we all have to wake up and go to work eventually — so make sure your special someone always enjoys their morning coffee with this Beaker mug. Peer-reviewed flavor guaranteed!Beaker mug.

Buy on Amazon

Disclaimer: Purchasing these products may earn ZME Science a commission. This helps support our team at no additional cost to you. We will never advertise products if we don’t think they’re good. If something is here, it’s because we like it — period.

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Unique Science Jewelry Gifts for Valentine’s Day

If you’re flat out of ideas for this year’s Valentine Day, you can never really go wrong with jewellery. Here are just a few of the most interesting accessories I found.

Spell out your love and happiness with chemistry

What is love? It’s an age-old question with likely no satisfying answer. What seems certain is that nature has developed an irresistible cocktail of chemicals to help us fall in love (and hopefully pass on our genes).

Serotonin necklace

It’s one of love’s most important chemicals that may explain why when you’re falling in love, your new lover keeps popping into your thoughts. In one study, researchers discovered that serotonin levels of new lovers were equivalent to the low serotonin levels of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder patients.

Dopamine necklace

Lovestruck couples have high levels of the neurotransmitter dopamine. This chemical stimulates ‘desire and reward’ by triggering an intense rush of pleasure.

Adrenaline necklace


The initial stages of falling for someone activates your stress response, increasing your blood levels of adrenalin and cortisol. This has the charming effect of making you sweat, making your heart race and your mouth go dry when you unexpectedly bump into your new love.

Oxytocin necklace

Oxytocin is a powerful hormone released by men and women during orgasm. The chemical helps deepen feelings of attachment, cementing relationships and making couples feel much closer to one another.

Solar system bracelet

A great unisex accessory for that special someone who always has eyes for the stars. Features all the planets, the sun, the moon, and a black hole.

DNA ring

A lovely double-helix ring that makes for a nice gift for any occasion.

Or maybe some DNA earrings

A cute X-rayed cat pendant

A beautiful pendant showing the detailed skeleton of a feral cat finished with black epoxy. Perfect for people who love cats and radiology.

Or, if she likes ravens more, this:

Nerve cell bracelet

Make a statement with this brainy bracelet shaped like a neuron.

Anatomical heart charm

If you’re going for the anatomically correct representation of “I heart you.”

Octopus tentacle pendant

The octopus is the only animal that has a portion of its brain (three quarters, to be exact) located in its (eight) arms. Without a central nervous system, every arm “thinks” as well as “senses” the surrounding world with total autonomy, and yet, each arm is part of the animal. Offer this gift to that special someone.

Or some 3d silver tentacle earrings

Octopi are extremely romantic. After they mate, their life has no other purpose and ends. Let your love for her never end.

Electrocardiogram EKG pendant

Because our lifeline would be flat without someone special to share life’s most intimate moments.

Or a lifeline ring

For when she makes your heart skip a beat.

Dino T-Rex necklace

An adorable piece, a testament to a love so resilient it should be in the fossil record.

Or maybe just a badass T-Rex skull

A stethoscope bracelet  

For all the moments she had listened to your heart and soothed it just like a cardiologist.

Microscope Dangle Earrings

She, as a true scientist, has looked inside your soul so many times and made you feel complete and safe. These earrings are for the special girl that always looks past all the defects, and sticks close to you whatever happens.

Sterling silver snowflake pendant

If she is a meteorologist, she sure knows how to make your heart melt every time she looks at you.

Moon Phase Statement Necklace 

Because you love her to the moon and back.

A collection of geometric animal pins

For biologists, veterinarians, or simply all animal lovers. Pretty cute, right?

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Tentacle necklace.

8 Biology-inspired Gift Ideas for your Valentine!

What’s love if not biology in action? This Valentine’s, say “you flood my brain with feel-good chemicals” to that one special other with these biology-themed gifts.

Cards, cards, cards!

All’s fair in love and war — especially the downright adorable, handmade cards from Tiny Bee Cards. Profess your love with the significant otter, let your S.O. know you’ll brave the rough seas of life together with this purposeful porpoise, or let your passionate side shine through with one very cuddly cuttlefish. Those are my favorite three, but their store is definitely worth investigating if you’re a fan of romance and puns — or if you’re looking to impress a foodie!


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Dopamine and Oxytocin necklaces

Reinforce your loved one’s affections with a dopamine-shaped pendant, or tighten the bond even more with an extra shot of oxytocin (also handily forged into a necklace). It’s all hormones, people!


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Give ’em an STD they’ll love!

Just hear me out: PlushieSTD. Bouquet. All wrapped up in a cute, delightful bunch.

Done. You’ve just mastered Valentine’s.

STD bouquet.

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If you like the idea but you’re not sold on a plushie virus bouquet, they have a lot of other options.

Or at least some (rare, endangered) flowers

If romance rather than humor makes your better half melt, a more traditional bouquet might be in order. Cut flowers wilt and wither, however, and is that really the message you want to convey to your Valentine? Exactly.

So play the long game and show him or her that you two will only grow stronger with time, provided you stay hydrated — just like this Jade Vine (Strongylodon macrobotrys), a beautiful turquoise bonsai plant from the jungles of the Philippines, that you two will nurture together.

This isn’t any old flower — it’s a highly endangered, at risk plant. With its native jungles being cut down alarmingly fast, the love between you two could be what saves the species from complete extinction. It doesn’t really get more romantic than that. You get 10 seeds.
Jade Vine.

Buy on Amazon.

Organic chemistry scarf

Look closely enough and biology becomes chemistry. If your Valentine is hard at work studying in the field, this organic chemistry scarf will definitely let them show off their passion while staying comfy, warm, and stylish.

Biochem scarf.

Buy on Amazon.

Tardigrades for him and her

Also known as water bears, tardigrades are ridiculously resilient — just like the two of you.

Tardigrade tshirt.

Buy on Amazon.

Seriously, these micro-animals have been found everywhere: from mountaintops to the deep sea; from mud volcanoes in tropical rain forests to the Antarctic, surviving in extreme temperatures, extreme pressures (both high and low), air deprivation, radiation, dehydration, and starvation. Now, you can wear them on your shirt, or even better — on your feet.

Tardigrade slippers.

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Unleash the love-ken!

Stick to your partner’s heart and never let go with one of these cup-covered tentacles! The Kraken-themed ring or necklace will make sure your loved one never goes away from your tentacles, I mean arms.Tentacle necklace.

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Tentacle ring.

 Buy on Amazon.

A hearty Valentine

We’re all used to the round, two-lobed heart as a symbol of love. Everybody will be generously slathering it in chats, messages, and cards for their Valentines when the special day comes. Let me ask you this, however: will any of those hearts have aortas popping out?

No! But yours will. Because you will show your love the right way, with this more anatomically-correct plush from I Heart Guts. If your significant other is into *ahem* correct biology, they will definitely appreciate it!

I heart guts.

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12 Perfect Gifts for Engineers on Valentine’s Day

If your significant other is an engineer, these Valentine gifts won’t fail to impress. Here are some gifts that will keep the wheels of love turning, at least until next year.

I love you Morse code bracelet

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Nothing says I love you more than dot dot dot dash dot dot…

Love is about sharing a life together, and never letting go of each other when things become difficult. However, sometimes just saying I love you loses the intensity it’s supposed to convey, which is why this one-of-a-kind accessory is as special as your love is. Although you may have chosen to express your affection in a vintage communication medium, Morse Code will never go out of style.

A 3D Printer… for pancakes!

Buy on Amazon

Let’s face it, most engineers don’t exactly treat their bodies as a temple. But how about you try something different for this year’s Valentine morning. Instead of cooking pancakes, here’s a cool idea: you print them!

Amazing 21st-century engineering? Check. Delicious, fluffy pancakes? Check.

An adorable pocket mirror that looks like a MacBook Air

Buy on Amazon

Engineers sure love their MacBooks, but let’s be serious: no one wants to break the bank on a Valentine present. Here’s the next best thing: this cute mirror shaped like a MacBook will surely crack a smile or two.

A levitating flower pot

levitating bonsaiBuy on Amazon

This is what happens when home decor meets science. Magnets keep a pot suspended mid-air producing a cool SciFi effect bound to impress friends and family, as well as that special someone. If your Valentine is into cool science tricks, but also likes flowers, look no further than this awesome gift.

A DIY useless box

Buy on Amazon

This is the perfect gift for your favorite engineer in the world. Put your loved one’s craftsmanship to the test with this DIY kit which is as fun as it is useless. It requires a soldering iron, solder, and a tiny Phillips screwdriver.

Funny coffee mug for your Engeneer

 Buy on Amazon

You’ll both have a good laugh with this one. If your loved one isn’t the best at spelling but still knows his or her engineering, this lovely gift will surely be appreciated.

Cool Einstein physics formula shower curtain

Buy on Amazon

An inspiring gift for those relaxing moments in the shower. It’s sure to be appreciated by your brainy Valentine.

Circuit board scarf

Buy on Amazon

For those special moments when your girlfriend needs to match her outfit with something super nerdy. How fashionable!

Mechanical 3D puzzle safe

Buy on Amazon

This kit is a self-propelled, mechanical wooden model which will entertain for hours and hours. You build your own safe featuring a real working combination lock, perfect for storing some of your most precious small items. It’s a great gift for the mechanical engineer close to your heart.

Tesla coil lighter


 Buy on Amazon

This is by far the coolest way to ignite …anything! What’s more, this is a marvelous work of engineering. It’s rechargeable, flameless, and windproof.

A rocket launch set

rocket launch set

Buy on Amazon

You know our catchphrase here at ZME Science — “not exactly rocket science.” Well, neither is this rocket assembly kit. It’s still a heck load of fun and even practical for those passionate about rocketry, and is capable of soaring up to 1,150 ft. (350 m).

DIY motorized, remote control machines

remote machine

Buy on Amazon

This amazing kit allows you to assemble up to 10 models, although you can actually use many more configurations. It comes with a six-button infrared remote control, three motors that can be combined to assemble complex machinery or vehicles, and numerous springs, cogs, etc.

The engineer’s field bag

engineer bag

Buy on Amazon

Whether in the office or in the field, every engineer needs a trusty bag to carry notebooks, pens, chargers, tools, samples, and so on. Made from heavyweight cotton canvas, this quality and fashionable build is a great way to show that you care.

Aviator safety glasses for the fashionable engineer

safety glasses

Buy on Amazon

Why wear dull, boring safety glasses to work when you can be sexy? Sporting these glasses will definitely turn some heads in the lab.

An Engineer’s Valentine

I thought it’d be cool if I ended this post with an awesome poem written by Matthew Dalton. I’ll just leave it here for you.


I was alone and all was dark
Beneath me and above
My life was full of volts and amps
But not the spark of love

But now that you are here with me
My heart is overjoyed
You’ve turned the square of my heart
Into a sinusoid

You load things from my memory
Onto my system bus
My life was once assembly code
It’s now like C++

I love the way you solder things
My circuits you can fix
The voltage ‘cross your diode is
much more than just point six

With your op-amps and resistors
You have built my integrator
I cannot survive without you
You’re my function generator

You’ve changed my world, increased my gain
And made my math discreet
So now I’ll end my poem here
Control, Alt, and Delete


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10 Perfect Valentine’s Gifts for the Chemist You’ve Got Chemistry With

Few things are as special as having chemistry with a chemist. If you want to show that special someone how much you care this Valentine’s, don’t lose your concentration. Here are some creative and special gifts which will certainly draw out a reaction.

Oxytocin necklace

Oxytocin regulates social interaction and sexual reproduction, playing a role in behaviors from maternal-infant bonding and milk release to empathy, generosity, and orgasms. Now, you can gift it to your love one as a necklace, too. The silver oxytocin necklace is stylish and elegant, but it also appeals to the geekier side of things. If you like the idea but oxytocin just doesn’t do it, or you’re just looking for a simpler necklace, you might want to check the dopamine necklace below. It’s also a bit cheaper.

Chemistry Valentine’s card

If you’d like something just a bit simpler, you can always go for the V-day card. But this isn’t just any old card, this is special-tailored for your chemistry-loving loved one.

Caffeine beaker mug

If there’s one thing chemists (and most scientists) love, it’s coffee. But why have your coffee from a boring old mug when you can have it from a beaker? No, not a beaker in the lab, you don’t know what’s been in there, John. Here, have this, it’s even got the markings and the caffeine molecule on it.

Beaker wine glass

We all know mornings are not necessarily the most pleasant part of the day, so maybe that’s not when you want your loved one to think about you. Love and wine go hand in hand, and with this glass, they also go hand in hand with chemistry. Now, if your Valentine is a bit more adventurous…

Chemistry cocktail barware set

I have to admit, when I first laid my eyes on this, I started drooling a bit. It’s not just that the set is chemistry-themed — and that let’s face it, who doesn’t like a good cocktail — but it’s made from high-quality temperature-resistant glass, too. It even has the hazard labels because, you know, dangerous things can happen once you start drinking cocktails.

If you like the idea but want something just a bit tamer, you’ll probably enjoy:

Chemist’s Spice Rack

Cooking is basically chemistry, but it can become much more interesting with this set. Everything is refillable, so you can use them again and again after the original spice has run out.

Caffeine necklace

If the oxytocin necklace is a bit too much but you dig the idea, here’s an excellent alternative: a caffeneine necklace. Honestly, when it comes to Valentine’s, you can’t go wrong with an necklace — and this is just the right mixture of science and love.

Chemistry scarf

If you’re not exactly convinced by what you’ve seen yet, or you simply want to go back to something simple but thoughtful, this is exactly what you’re looking for. After all, it’s one of the few times that chemistry feels soft and silky.

The Chemistry Between Us — Book

Lastly, what better gift than a book about the chemistry of love? The Chemistry Between Us is a fascinating book that takes a look at the genetics, brain chemistry and hormones that make love what it is.

Disclaimer: Purchasing these products may earn ZME Science a commission. This helps support our team at no additional cost to you. We will never advertise products if we don’t think they’re good. If something is here, it’s because we like it — period.

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15 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Doctors and Medical staff

If your Valentine is a doctor or training to be one, but you still have no idea what to get him/her, here are a few suggestions:

1. Medical design pens and post-its

 Buy on Amazon

Buy on Amazon

Buy on Amazon

In a hospital or clinic’s turmoil, pens are lost every day. Nurses and doctors fight over the remaining ones all the time. Make sure your loved one has a particular writing tool, that stands out and impresses everyone from the practice. It might not seem like a big or important gift, but rest assured: they will be forever thankful.

2. Funny Mug for Vets 

Buy on Amazon

Let’s not forget that veterinarians are doctors as well. Or should I say ‘dogtors’? This mug surely makes me giggle every time I see it.

3. Anatomy coaster set

Buy on Amazon

Medical employees tend to be clean freaks, let’s be honest. Make sure this year that you will score some points by showing that you care about the furniture by buying a set of coasters.

4. Brain hat

Buy on Amazon

This brainy knitted hat is the most awesome way your SO will be warm and comfortable. Let’s not mention it’s funny as hell.

5. Unisex Galaxy Print Glow in the Dark V-Neck Scrub 

Buy on Amazon

Make your loved one feel the universe is there for them. Reach for the stars even in gloomy days with an awesome scrub that glows in the dark.

6. Prescription wine glasses

Buy on Amazon

We all need from time to time to relax. Even doctors.

7. Silver Lifeline Pulse EKG Heartbeat Charm Necklace

 Buy on Amazon

Women like jewelry but they love jewelry with a message. Saving lives is her purpose. She will adore this gift, as it will make her feel you truly get her.

8. Doctor Wine Holder 

Buy on Amazon

Doctor figurines that are there for you and hold the booze, too. What can be more romantic than spending Valentine’s day with your loved one and this little guy?

9. Sterling Silver Medical Caduceus Cufflinks 

Buy on Amazon

For special occasions, but not only. Your man will feel distinguished wearing these silver cufflinks that symbolize medicine. It’s a reminder of hard work and dedication, and they will wear them proudly.

10. The New Yorker Book of Doctor Cartoons

Buy on Amazon

Humorous doctor cartoons that will make anyone crack-up. Laughter is the best medicine, right?

11. Synapse Receptor Watercolor Print 

Buy on Amazon

Great for a neurologist’s office, or even for the living room. Nothing says ‘I love you’ more than knowing your significant other’s true passion.

12. Silver Lifelike Anatomical Heart Locket


Buy on Amazon

Cardiologists have the biggest hearts. This necklace is unique and will offer you a place in her heart forever.

13. Red anatomical heart pin

Buy on Amazon

Just imagine how cool this pin would look on a white doctor’s coat.

14. Radiology bone socks

Buy on Amazon

Radiologists are old fashioned, they prefer black and white movies and photos. Why not buy them a pair of bony black and white socks?

15. Heartbeat hoodie


Buy on Amazon

Show your lover your heart is theirs and you don’t mind it. These cool hoodies are unisex and come in different colours such as black, white, grey, maroon and red.

Disclaimer: Purchasing these products may earn ZME Science a commission. This helps support our team at no additional cost to you. We will never advertise products if we don’t think they’re good. If something is here, it’s because we like it — period.

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7 Adorable Plushies for a Science-themed Valentine’s Day

When it comes to Valentine’s gifts, you really can’t go wrong with a plushie — but plushies can also be a bit generic and impersonal, and no one really wants that. So we’ve scoured the web to find the best and most unique plushies for this Valentine’s — and of course, they’re science-themed!

Fluffy Microbes of Love Bouquet

Love is in the air, and like a microbe, love thrives in warm, comfy environments. Guaranteed to make your Valentine smile, and then laugh — when they learn that the viruses here are Chlamydia, Herpes, and Kissing Disease. That’s right, you get to give your Valentine an STD bouquet, and they’ll thank you for it!

If that doesn’t work, then maybe…

Giant Microbes Heart Box

If this doesn’t win her over, then nothing will. Again, not only is this hilarious but it’s also incredibly cute. It’s pretty much the same thing as above (STDs included), though you get the chocolate version instead of the bouquet one.

Brain Cell

Okay, we all know that love sometimes bypasses the brain, but your Valentine will definitely fall in love with this one. What better way to say “I’m thinking of you”?

Realistic Octopus Plushy

Now, if adorable microbes just aren’t your jam, we’ve got you covered. We can dive into other options, like this rather upset, but still beautiful octopus plushy. Oh, and if that doesn’t convince you, then …

Maybe this Nautilus will. The Nautilus has been around since the times of the dinosaurs and continues to thrive to this day. It’s a living testament to biological endurance.

If you want the irresistible cuteness but would like something more land-based and relatable, then we’ve also got you covered. Who could resist this:

Stuffed Elephant Shrew plushy

Elephant shrews are not, in fact, shrews. Recent evidence suggests that they are more closely related to a group of African mammals that includes elephants. So they’re more related to elephants than shrews. There, that’s something you now know.

Water Bear Plushies

Nothing says “our love will endure forever” like a tardigrade plushy. Why, you might ask? Well, not only do tardigrades survive in any imaginable environment on Earth, but they can withstand scorching temperatures and even the frozen hell that is space. In plushy form, these micro-animals are also pretty cute, and bring a lot of symbolism to the table.

Fat… I mean chubby unicorn

I know, I know what you’re thinking — unicorns aren’t real, how can this be science-based? Well, let me ask you something: how can the tardigrade we were just talking about be real and the unicorn not? Besides, this unicorn’s had it rough. He broke his leg, was forced to give up on his sports career, had to take an office job, took a few extra pounds, his friends stopped calling him… he just needs a bit of love, OK? Just a bit of love.

Disclaimer: Purchasing these products may earn ZME Science a commission. This helps support our team at no additional cost to you. We will never advertise products if we don’t think they’re good. If something is here, it’s because we like it — period.

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